Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life's Like Upcoming Movies

Upcoming Movies I am super excited about!!!!!! There's some good ones for this summer 2011 and beyond -

Super 8 - It's out this past weekend - 6/10/2011! I am super excited. It feels like it's going to be like an old Spielberg film...except spiced up by JJ Abrams. It looks like it's going to be a fun adventure. Can't wait to run out and see it this weekend!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) - Comes out 7/15/11. It's another movie I'm super excited about just because I've seen all the other Harry Potter movies and read all the books. And, this is it! The big battle between good and evil and I can't wait. Although, it will be sad once it's done. I love Harry Potter.

Breaking Dawn (Part 1) - Comes out 11/18/11. Another book series turned super hit film franchise. I read all the Twilight books too and have seen all the movies. It's just a fun series and who doesn't love vampires and werewolves and teen angst? Well, and this one is the beginning of the end too. Bella! Edward! Jacob!

Cowboys and Aliens - Comes out 7/19/11. Harrison Ford AND Daniel Craig AND aliens? I'm there! It sounds like a fun popcorn action movie and perfect for the movies! I can't wait! Let the aliens land!

One Day - Comes out 8/19/11. Another book turned movie. Heard the book is great and hope to read it before the movie comes out. Sounds like an intriguing romance.... And, I definitely love the romance movies!

And, of course....

The Muppets (2011) - Comes out 11/23/11. I'm soooo excited! I love the muppets! Being that the title of this blog is taken from a Muppet's song! They're fun for all ages! Can't wait! And, it has Amy Adams and Jason Segel - coolness!


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  1. Super 8 was not a good movie, but i wish the others would come out to be good. I am waiting to watch twilight and transformers.
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